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Solicitors In LondonWe are leading solicitors in London and have an excellent reputation because we consistently offer clients professional and quality legal advice.  Our great central location  means that we are easily accessible for most people.  We have experience as well as the dynamism and energy you would expect, so  be sure your legal matters are in safe hands.  Without expert advice some legal issues can be very confusing and daunting so let us give you a voice that will best express your interests and ease some of the anxieties you may have.

Diverse Services we Provide

We specialise in divorce, family law and also act as personal injury solicitors in London – we are flexible and will always review cases to offer advice even if we feel they cannot be taken on. If we cannot for whatever reason take on your case then we will refer you to some one of a similar cost and high standard as own firm.  Divorce law is emotionally draining for clients,something we always consider.  Experience has meant we are experts at handling cases efficiently to make it as painless and as stress free as possible for you.  The same is said in regards to  family law cases- these are often sensitive issues involved and therefore we treat each case as unique.

The Cost of Our Services

To make things fairer we always give out an estimate before going ahead and handling a case so that the client knows exactly what to expect cost-wise.  The fee is worked out at the average hours, the solicitor feels should be devoted to each case rather than an expensive flat rate.  If we ever feel that more hours will be required, we will warn in advance before fees are accumulated.

This is a medium sized  firm therefore we have an emphasis on the quality of  service rather than quantity of cases.  Many international solicitor companies churn out hundreds of cases over a broad spectrum of legal services but we feel and have been praised for friendly support that puts a face to a name.  We give your case the attention it deserves. There are two solicitors at this firm who help to do so – a senior and executive partner as well as many other dedicated employees who are all just as dedicated to helping with cases.

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